Sunday, January 30, 2005

Day 1.a

So the real reason for blogging is to get my work out there and for myself and others to be able to track progress. As part of my thesis work at Georgia Tech, I am working on a wearable device to help motivate people to do their physical therapy. The first installation of this includes a knee brace type of device that the wearer dons when doing physical therapy(assuming, at this point, that the affected area is the knee). With some neoprene, Hytrel (thanks to the good folks at DuPont) and electroluminescent strips, I was able to wire up a low tech version to prove this concept.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Final brace, side view with EL strips lit
Property J. Kimel

Final brace, front view with EL strips lit
Property J. Kimel

Day 1

Well, I've seen a lot of blogs out there. They seem to be a great way to share information. So, I'm starting one of my own. It's faster than redoing my website, and fellow students and colleagues can share information here more easily. I hope to have a compendium of information on wearables in the not too distant future.

Favorite and useful sites of the moment.

MIT Media Lab Wearables site
Half Baked