Sunday, February 20, 2005


So, I find it a constant source of fascination that 90% of the people involved in Smart Clothing, E-textiles, and other on body "wearables" (NOT the black computer boxes people carry around, but real wearables) are female. It's a fascinating niche for those of us who have a creative side and a logical side. But where did the guys go? I can list a bunch of women off the top of my head in the field: Tunde Kirstein, Lucy Dunne, Maggie Orth, Joey Berzowska, Jill Coffin, Katherine Moriwaki, Megan Galbraith....the more I search, the more women turn up! I guess that's cool. It's a great way for intelligent women to blend their skills. But it sure fascinates me that men's names don't pop up nearly as often as the women.

Men, it seems, are doing the on body wearables---those little (and I use the term loosely as they are darn heavy) black boxes which house a computer and use a screen on your glasses. Men are still ok with carrying around a big black box as a computer, looks like the women still want to make the world a functional, but appealing place!

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