Monday, August 22, 2005

And still more hiking...

Well, it was a quiet weekend overall...which leads me to more hiking! My roommate, Lindsay, and I, hit Forest Park, a great place within the city limits with beautiful hikes. One path led us to a road in the city, some pics from there are here as well. Great views of the city from the mountains.

View of Portland from above and me! decked out for hiking.

Sunset over Portland and Lindsay mid hike.

The second set of photos is from a longer hike I took Sunday in Eagle Creek. The trail followed the creek and there were many waterfalls along the way. Thanks for indulging my love of
pictures of green spaces.

Old downed tree on the left, and Lowitt? falls on the right. I love the big bowl it falls into. This
picture was taken from a narrow ledge just across the way. As you know, i'm not exactly
religious, but someone left this book of Psalms on a rock,and I just thought it was cool. No matter what you believe, the woods are a pretty awe inspiring place.

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