Sunday, October 09, 2005


The Glass Museum in Tacoma Washington Chihuly on the Bridge in Tacoma
I had my first official business trip for Intel this week, which took me up to Seattle! This is my third or fourth visit, but it's always interesting, beautiful and greeeen! The weekend included
visiting friends as well as a visit to Little Mt. Si, Discovery Park and a glass museum in Tacoma Washington, home of the infamous Dale Chihuly. Although the museum itself didn't have any Chihuly inside, there are several public sculptures which include his work. There is a bridge with a ceiling of glass pieces and a huge wall set up like an old curiousity box full of oversized glass pieces. It's very impressive and even more impressive that it hasn't been vandalized! As you drive in, these blue blobs (which are plastic, not glass, are on an overpass with the wall of glass above.

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Google launches RSS reader
Snuck into beta release over the weekend, Google has launched Google Reader , its own Ajax based take on RSS readers.
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