Sunday, June 19, 2005

The colors of Portland

Well, today had even more interesting sights to offer. Namely, the people of Portland! I've never seen so many tattoos! I decided to experience the train today since traffic has been so bad. Really nice, clean and nobody ever came to check my ticket. How's that for the honor system? The city is very vibrant and lively, even on a Sunday. Fun to see so many people wandering so many streets. A pleasant change from Atlanta in that respect. (oh and it's not 1000% humidity!)

On my way to the amazing Powell's book store, I ran smack into the gay pride parade. Wow! So many happy and colorful people! Even Starbucks had a float. Oh, how progressive. A few pictures below. What an amazing place for people watching! Powell's, by the way, has a pretty decent selection of ID books and they are open online if you need anything!

I took a walk after that and ended up seeing the Portland Building by none other than Michael Graves. Interesting, but not my cup o'tea. Too linear. And this crazy HUGE statue looming over the front. Not sure who she is.

I wandered to the Saturday market which is chock full of art and music and more colorful Portland residents. Finally, I took a train to a big inner city park with miles of forested walking trails. But I was tired! So I didn't walk too far. They do have a peaceful Vietnam Memorial Garden.

Fact of the day: No sales tax (ever) in Portland! Wheee!
Enjoy the photos!

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