Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wandering west

Well, it figures, the one day I forget my camera, and there are some amazing views. I went to a meeting south of where I live in the farmlands and had some amazing scenery on the drive. I also learned all about the vast amount of agriculture here. It seems that you get a break on the price of your home if you have a farm and raise/grow things. Within 30 minutes of my house there are fields of blueberries, strawberries, marionberries, LAVENDER!, and farms with Buffalo, Alpaca, cows, sheep, horses and who knows what else. I got to cut my own lavender and could have picked my own berries, but alas, was wearing a white shirt and don't trust myself. I'll have to return and get some pics.

The photos I do have are from a not too exciting hike on Lake Hagg. The trails were full of scratchy things and since it was 90 degrees on Sunday, everyone was at the lake grilling and making noise. The trail was also hard to follow. I enjoyed reading in the shade more than hiking that day! Too hot. The picture of the farm, if you look VERY closely, has the outline of Mt. Hood behind it. Cool.

Can you see Mt. Hood behind the barn?!

Does anyone know what these furry weed/herbs are?


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